Tentative scientific agenda


       Session-1: Basics of Obesity

  • Global and national snapshot of obesity prevalence.
  • Is BMI the best way to measure obesity?
  • Appetite regulation new concepts.
  • Adiposity biology and role of inflammatory factors.

      Session-2: Childhood Obesity

  • prevalence.
  • Psycho social aspects.
  • Measures to prevent and tackle childhood obesity.

     Session-3:  Adolescence Obesity 

  •  The link between PCOS and Obesity.
  •  Fad diets.
  • Effects of obesity in puberty, period of maximum weight gain.

      Session-4: Obesity in reproductive age group

  •  Reproductive issues in women with obesity.
  •  Preconception and obesity.
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding – Emerging role of obesity.
  • Choice of contraception in obese women.

      Session-5: Obesity in Pregnancy

  • Gestational weight gain and guidelines.
  • Effect of obesity on maternal outcomes.
  • MNT in obese women with pregnancy.

      Session-6:  Obesity in Midlife

  • Bones and muscle health in obesity.
  • Association of obesity and breast cancer through lifespan in women.
  • Lean vs Obese PCOS
  • Role of obesity in couple infertility. How they are different?


     Session-7: Diabesity

  • Diabesity-21st century pandemic
  • Diabetes risk and Weight change
  • Psychosocial complications of Diabesity
  • Link between Diabetes and obesity – Can we prevent it How early to address insulin resistance.

     Session-8: Obesity & Menopause

  • Obesity & Osteoporosis.
  • Sexuality and obesity at Menopause transition.
  • Does menopause cause obesity or weight gain in women at Midlife

      Session-9: Anthropometry

  • Waist to height ratio as a screening tool for the prediction of CVD and Diabetes.
  • Comparison of anthopometric and body composition indices in
  • the identification of metabolic risk factors. DXA beyond bone health visceral fat imaging.

      Session-10:Medical Management of Obesity

  •  Current anti obesity treatment approved in India oral and injectabl Cost, side effect and sustainability.
  • Nutritional therapy in the management of obesity in Indian contex
  • Role of exercise in the treatment of obese women in Indian contex

      Session-11:Surgical Management of Obesity

  • The role of Bariatric Surgery in Indian context.
  • Panel discussion: Medical Management vs Surgery.

     Session-12: Interactive Session

  •  Exercise and nutrition symposium


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